How to Think Yourself Thin and Lose Weight Without Trying


Ready to begin to heal yourself (and lose weight in the process)? Good. Let’s begin. Here is How to Think Yourself Thin and Lose Weight Without Trying.

Any nutritionist or fitness buff that truly cares about your physical health will tell you that choosing nutritious foods and following a regular physical activity program are the keys to getting and maintaining a healthy body weight. Not only will you look and feel better, but you’ll also be at a lower risk of being diagnosed with certain major health conditions.

Yet, even though we all know this fact, there are an overwhelming number of us that carry excess weight. Not only does this threaten our physical health, but it erodes our self-esteem and causes us unnecessary heartache and pain. How do we fix this?

The problem with a lot of weight loss programs is that, although they tell you exactly what to do to change your outside, they do nothing for your inside – which is usually where the weight issue begins. It’s like treating symptoms and never curing the cause. You wind up frustrated because nothing changes and you continuously deal with the same things again and again. It’s time to stop the nonsense.

There are things you can do mentally that will help you lose weight, almost without even trying because it will happen naturally. You’ll start to work on the cure instead of just treating the symptoms.

How to Think Yourself Thin and Lose Weight Without Trying

Ready to begin to heal yourself (and lose weight in the process)? Good. Let’s begin.

Figure out the importance that food holds for you

Other than the obvious reason that you need to eat for your body to sustain life, you need to determine what food means to you. In other words, what do you think of when you look at it? What do you see when you look at that chip bag or carton of donuts?

If you’re not sure, ask yourself this: If you had to deal with life’s ups and downs without using food to help you, how would you do? Would it change the way you do things, such as in celebrate accomplishments or soothe pains? Chances are that it would.

Imagine a birthday without cake and ice cream. Think of family get-togethers with no buffets of homemade dishes and desserts. Do these thoughts seem odd to you? They do to most people because our lives revolve around food.

Once you recognize what food means to you, you’ll have a clearer understanding of why it’s so hard to change your relationship with it. It is this living, breathing being; a friend and confidante, which is why it can be difficult to change your behaviors in relation to it.

Realize the benefits that extra weight gives you

Now that you understand where food fits into your mentality, think now about your weight. Try to come up with all of the reasons that having extra weight is good. Pick your jaw up off the floor and quit shuddering. Yes, sometimes it can be seen as a benefit to hold a few extra pounds and you may have this thought without even realizing it.

For example, do you feel that being overweight is a good reason for others to not expect too much out of you thereby reducing your risk of failure? Maybe you were in decent shape before and became uncomfortable when you received sexual advances so you ate to lessen the likelihood of that situation? Perhaps you use it as a shield to keep others from getting too close to you?

This one can be difficult because most people have a hard time coming to terms with the idea that being overweight has benefited them. But, if you search yourself honestly, you will probably see that it’s not such a farfetched idea after all.

Put food in its place


Once you see the big picture in regard to how you view food it’s time to change it. Instead of looking at the items in your fridge and cupboard as living, breathing beings, consider them for what they truly are  – sustenance for your body. That’s it.

This is no easy task. Sometimes giving up food as the solution to all of life’s ails can leave a void. It’s like losing a best friend. The food never judged you or ridiculed you. It just supported and comforted you and now it’s gone. You’re left to figure out how to navigate life without its love. How do you do that?

Remember that food is an inanimate object. The good feelings that you associate with it are simply that – your associations. Once you start seeing it as an edible object that carries vitamins and minerals your body needs to sustain itself, it will start to lose its power over you; and, you’ll begin to lose weight naturally.

Wake up your inner warrior

If you truly want to end your unhealthy relationship with food, then you need to start dealing with everything else that happens in your life. No more using food as the answer to whatever bothers, upsets, frustrates or scares you. It’s time to look life in the eye and say “Bring it on.”

Does this mean that you’ll never feel fear or that you’ll always have to know exactly what to do? Not at all. It just means that you’re willing to carry forward in your life without using food as your little soldiers. Now you’ll just use your inner strengths to get you where you want to go.

Your inner warrior in you is stronger than you think. She has proven that time and time again. If you look back through life, you’ll most likely see moments where you didn’t think you’d survive but you did. Why? Because she came out then too.

Trust yourself to deal with life without food and the weight will start to instantly and effortlessly come off. It has to because it will no longer serve a purpose.

If you want to live, then you need to live fully. Don’t let fear or frustration stop you. Put down the fork and pick up your sword, because it’s time to take back your life. (