Truck taken off service as bird sets up nest in engine

By Abdullah Celik

BINGOL, Turkey (AA) – A construction truck working for building a road in the eastern Turkish province of Bingol was taken off service after a bird set up a nest in the engine of the vehicle.

Officials of the construction company decided that the truck would not be used in the ongoing construction of the road on the Bingol-Erzurum highway after they were informed that a bird built a nest inside the truck.

“Around 20 days ago, a bird was flying around the truck when it was operational. Wherever the truck moved, the bird kept on following it. When we looked at [engine of the vehicle], we saw a bird nest,” Ilyas Varol, 32, a repairman at the site of construction, told Anadolu Agency.

“A bird set up a nest inside the engine and there are six eggs inside. Upon the instruction of our chief, we decided not to make the truck work,” Varol said.

The truck will remained off service until the eggs are hatched and the baby birds learn to fly, according to Varol.

Meanwhile, the workers do not allow anyone to go near the truck in order to avoid any possible harm to the nest and eggs.