Trump 'not happy' with prospective border deal

            By Michael Hernandez</p>  <p>WASHINGTON (AA) - U.S. President Donald Trump voiced unease Tuesday with a tentative agreement to avoid another partial government shutdown. </p>  <p>The top congressional appropriators announced late Monday they agreed &quot;in principle&quot; to a slew of border security items that would be included in a bill to ensure about a quarter of government remains funded past a Friday deadline. </p>  <p>But Trump said he is &quot;not happy about&quot; the agreement, which reports have said include $1.375 billion of the $5.7 he is seeking for a U.S.-Mexico border wall. </p>  <p>&quot;I'm extremely unhappy with what the Democrats have given us. It's sad. They're doing the country no favors. They're hurting our country very badly,&quot; Trump said while insisting &quot;the wall is getting built, regardless.&quot; </p>  <p>It is unclear if Trump would resort to declaring a national emergency -- an option he has vacillated in the past on due to the slew of legal challenges that would likely follow -- if Congress does not hand him the money he is seeking.</p>  <p>Trump's insistence on the funding led to the first government shutdown that began in late December before becoming the longest in U.S. history, enduring for 35 days. </p>  <p>Top House Republican Kevin McCarhty told the CNBC network that negotiators agreed on more than 55 miles of new border wall, a win he claimed after Democrats opposed any funds for a new border barrier. </p>  <p>Still, it remains unclear if the compromise will garner enough support from Republicans to pass the legislature and then possibly overcome a presidential veto. </p>  <p>