Turkey: Over 34,000 new vehicles registered in February

By Muhammed Ali Gurtas

ANKARA (AA) – Turkey saw 34,025 new road motor vehicle registrations in February this year, the country's statistical authority reported Thursday.

TurkStat said the number of motor vehicle registrations in February declined 45.8 percent year-on-year.

"Within 34,025 vehicle registrations, cars accounted for 54.3 percent, followed by motorcycles 22.7 and small trucks 12.9 percent…" it said.

In terms of distribution of model brands for new registered cars in February, 15 percent were Renault, 14.9 percent Fiat and 11.6 percent Volkswagen.

"The total number of road motor vehicles registered to the traffic reached 22.9 million by the end of February," TurkStat said.

Official figures revealed that within the total, cars represented 54.3 percent, followed by small trucks 16.4 percent, while the rest were motorcycles, tractors, trucks, minibuses, buses and special purpose vehicles.

Last year, new road motor vehicle registrations in Turkey totaled 903,274 while 256,298 registrations were withdrawn.

The country's statistical authority will release the next data on road motor vehicles on May 2.