Turkish American Community Rallies Behind Two Local Candidates, Congratulates John Alpay

TCA congratulates John Alpay on his successful re-election to the Capistrano Unified School District Board of Trustees in Orange County as San Clemente’s representative, serving the education needs of more than 53,000 students. He was first elected in 2010 and presently serves on the Board as Vice President. John’s victory demonstrates the powerful effects of political engagement and serves as an inspiration for Turkish Americans everywhere.

Another Turkish American community leader, Yelda Bartlett, also faced a close election last night. Despite a narrow loss, we commend Yelda on her leadership and hard work in running for election to the AC Transit Board in Berkeley (serving Alameda and Contra Costa Counties). This is a time for the Turkish American community and friends of Turkey to celebrate the efforts of these respected leaders.

“By running for local office, John Alpay and Yelda Bartlett have shown the Turkish American community the effects of civic engagement,” said TCA President G. Lincoln McCurdy. “We hope that all Turkish Americans will follow their lead and get involved in public affairs. With sincere recognition and appreciation, we thank John and Yelda for their hard work and leadership.”

These two campaigns reflect the growing civic activism of Turkish Americans across the country. They were supported by the five Turkish American political action committees presently operational.