Turkish relief agency assists refugees in northern Iraq

                             By Mazin Majeed Asaad Baqal</p>  <p>MOSUL, Iraq (AA) – The Turkish Red Crescent (Kizilay) on Wednesday distributed humanitarian aid to displaced families in Iraq’s city of Mosul.</p>  <p>“We have provided 1,000 people in Mosul’s Hazir and Hassan Sham refugee camps with winter clothes,” Utku Akbas, a Turkish Red Crescent official in Iraq, told Anadolu Agency.</p>  <p>“And we have provided another 200 refugee families with heaters and sleeping bags,” he said.</p>  <p>Noting the harsh winter conditions faced by camp residents, Akbas said the aid agency plans to continue providing struggling refugees with assistance.</p>  <p>“We will continue distributing food, clothes and personal-care items to refugee camps in the cities of Mosul, Erbil and Kirkuk,” he said.</p>  <p>The Turkish Red Crescent has assisted displaced Iraqis since the Daesh terrorist group overran much of the country in mid-2014.