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22 Kasım 2019
Anasayfa Son Dakika Haberler Ekonomi Turkish stocks end week up 3.71% at close

Turkish stocks end week up 3.71% at close

By Aysu Bicer

ANKARA (AA) – Turkey's benchmark stock index ended Friday up 3.71% to close the day at 98,415.34 points.

Apparently buoyed by last night’s deal with the U.S. over northern Iraq, the index jumped 3.70%, or 3,509.78 points to start the last transaction day of the week at 98,406.01 points.

As of the daily close, it gained 3,519.11 points from Thursday's close at 94,896.23.

An ounce of gold sold for $1.490,00 at the weekly close in Borsa Istanbul's Precious Metals and Diamond Markets, versus $1,490.00 at the previous close.

The price of Brent oil was $59.60 per barrel as of 6.30 p.m. local time (1530GMT) on Friday — with a daily range hovering between $59.52 and $60.27

At the beginning of 2019, a barrel of Brent oil sold for around $53.

Exchange Rates Thursday Friday
USD/TRY 5.8850 5.7890
EUR/TRY 6.5540 6.4510
GBP/TRY 7.5736 7.4660

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