By Rafiu Ajakaye

LAGOS Nigeria (AA) – The UN’s children agency, UNICEF, on Monday launched a manual to deepen countrywide awareness about the rights of children in Nigeria.

The launch came as Nigeria commemorated the Children's Day, with the UNICEF calling on governments to do more to advance the rights of the children in the country.

The manual, titled Passport To Your Rights, is an easy-to-read adaption of the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child (CRC) which was launched some 30 years ago.

"As part of the celebrations, UNICEF is launching a Passport to Your Rights – a copy of the CRC in child-friendly language, in pocket format. UNICEF aims that every child in Nigeria has a copy by 2030 – the deadline for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals," according to a statement by the global body.

The passport will be available in Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and Pidgin languages, helping to ensure access by millions of Nigerians, the statement added.

Peter Hawkins, UNICEF’s country representative, said: “While there have been many advances over the last years, children in Nigeria are still not accessing health, nutrition, education and other rights to the extent that they must.

“Sadly, it is the most disadvantaged children who are suffering the greatest challenge in having their rights fulfilled.”

Although Nigeria had since passed a legislation called the Child Rights Act, many states have not domesticated the law, especially in the northern region and parts of the south.