UPDATES WITH ERDOGAN'S REMARKS IN CORUM</p>    <p>By Aynur Ekiz</p>    <p>ANKARA (AA) - Ankara will continue chasing all terror groups used as tools to hold the country captive, Turkey’s president said on Tuesday.</p>    <p>Speaking at a campaign rally in the Black Sea province of Kastamonu, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey has been &quot;struggling&quot; in its region &quot;for a thousand years.&quot;</p>    <p>He added that Turkey would continue its fight against terrorism whether it be against the &quot;separatist PKK, abusive FETO, or project-product Daesh.&quot;</p>    <p>&quot;We will continue chasing them up [Mt.] Cudi, Gabar, Tendurek and even Qandil as we have until now,&quot; Erdogan said.</p>    <p>Referring to terror attacks targeting the country, he stressed that they have been trying to halt [Turkey's] development by blocking its progress.</p>    <p>&quot;Visionless politicians and unqualified bureaucrats&quot; had also been utilized Erdogan told the crowd, adding that its economy was also weaponized against Turkey as demographic cleavages have also been aggravated.</p>    <p>Later speaking in Corum province, Erdogan said after his visit to Venezuela, President Nicholas Maduro's aide had praised the success of the town’s people during a visit.</p>    <p>&quot;I hope we will bring Corum to a very different point in the gold trade,&quot; Erdogan said.</p>  <p> </p>  <p>-Cannabis cultivation</p>    <p>Erdogan vowed to promote cannabis production in 20 provinces including Corum.</p>    <p>&quot;We will increase the cultivation and production of cannabis and prioritize establishing its industry as well,&quot; he said.</p>    <p>Erdogan had recently announced that 19 other Turkish cities had been authorized for cannabis cultivation.</p>    <p>Since the 1990s, cannabis production has been limited in Turkey in order to prevent the production of marijuana.</p>  <p>Cannabis is used as a raw material in the automotive, wood, construction, textile, cosmetics, biodiesel, food and paper industries.