US: Los Angeles reports no COVID-19 death on Sunday

By Michael Hernandez

WASHINGTON (AA) – Los Angeles County reported no new coronavirus-related death on Sunday in a major milestone as the US slowly returns to normalcy.

Anonymous officials told the Los Angeles Times newspaper that the figure could be undercounted because of reported delays typically seen on weekends, however.

There were 313 new confirmed COVID infections in the US's second most populous metropolitan area on Sunday, and over 1.2 million cases have been confirmed during the course of the pandemic, according to county data.

Los Angeles County became the epicenter of the US outbreak in the winter when it experienced a surge in coronavirus infections and deaths that brought regional intensive care units to a breaking point.

But like much of the country, Los Angeles has seen decreasing numbers of cases and deaths as the US continues its vaccine campaign with over 30% of all Americans now fully vaccinated and nearly 45% having received at least one dose.

Two of the three vaccines in circulation require two separate doses spaced weeks apart. Only one vaccine — from Johnson and Johnson — requires a sole dose.