What to Do When You Get Fired

The ultimate goal is to discover all good aspects of this transition. Inhale and exhale deeply to relax, because you are at the beginning of something new, so make the journey to your next job exciting and as brief as possible.

So let’s go over the X steps to set that proactive mood! These proven tips will show you what to do when you get fired while feeling good about yourself.

Never Ever Blame Yourself

Unfortunately, women tend to blame themselves more than men do for any professional setbacks. This is especially prominent in more patriarchal cultures. Don’t be a victim of subconsciously inherited social prejudice, but do take responsibility for your actions.

How would you rate your work’s quality? If it has been below average, don’t be afraid to admit it to yourself. It’s perfectly all right, and you should either work toward further training within the field or find out what profession would better suit your unique set of skills and talents.

Control Your Emotions

Just like with break-ups, ladies first feel surprised, then depressed and finally enraged. If you’re going through this emotional process, never let your ex-colleagues and superiors know about the current stage. Keep your dignity high by remaining cool and professional during this painful situation, and even thank your boss for the opportunity given and work experience attained.

Remember: you don’t want to burn the bridges, because you never know who might recommend you or even hire you directly in their own new company. What’s even better, you may start a business venture and ask another ex-coworker to join you.

Naturally, you’ll need to vent out all the sadness and anger. Don’t do it on your partner! It’s okay to cry your heart out on his shoulder, but spare him from anger and resentment.

Rather surf the internet for the themed forums and support groups, log in and share the experience with people who are going or were going through exactly the same thing.

Alternatively, meet with a friend, a relative or a neighbor who can relate to the issue thanks to her own experience. A very motivating action step is to invest little money into a couple of sessions with a professional life and career coach, especially one with great recommendations and proven track record.

Taking up a sport activity, especially boxing or a martial art will let your steam out in a healthy way, leaving you fit and your mood boosted with endorphins released while you exercise. If rage strikes when least expected, cut it instantly with repeating to yourself: “Get over it. Layoffs are not personal.” Sometimes it’s hard to believe this, but firing people is very stressful and no one really enjoys determining who leaves the company.

Resources for Moving On

Avoid making abrupt decisions during the first two months, especially because you may find another job sooner than that.

Leave your retirement funds alone, don’t lose health insurance or find a cheaper plan, don’t pay off the credit cards just yet and most importantly, ask the HR about the severance pay and any unemployment compensation.

Most companies will be glad to provide you with references and some even organize job training. If your company was too small to employ an HR manager and they won’t give anything, go to the state unemployment office to claim your unemployment benefits.

Wait for a week or two to recover from the initial shock, and only then start contacting prospective employers. Browse the online classified ads of interest and get in touch with your relevant professional contacts, namely someone who was happy to work with you in the past. Our colleagues usually know of some unadvertised position because most companies prefer to employ through personal recommendation.

You can even become self-employed and be your own boss. It’s a long and winding way with lots of learning, ups and downs, but once you make it you’ll be laughing at your former job. It has never been easier to go this way thanks to the expansion of online start ups and new professions, like web master or social media manager.

Aside from being brave and proactive, you need to take care of yourself in the process. Get enough sleep, plan a healthy and balanced diet and spend lots of quality time with your loved ones.

Having trust in them and yourself should come before figuring out what to do when you get fired. Establishing family support and the atmosphere of warmth will set the grounds for either searching for a new job or going back to school for enhanced credentials.