What Your Sleepwear Says About You

Having this in mind, we can say that sleepwear is actually an intimate outfit. Willingly or not, by choosing different sleepwear, we make statements and to a degree, project our feelings.

So, let’s examine different sleepwear combinations and possibilities and what they might say about you.

Sleeping Gown/Night Gown

A long night gown makes every woman look like a sleeping beauty or a princess from a fairy tale. It hides the figure and gives a more compact look. Little girls love them, and if you love them too, ask yourself are you wearing them because they feel comfortable, or are you also waiting for a prince to come in and wake you up from your enchanted slumber? If you’re wearing this type of sleepwear, you’re probably a dreamer and someone who tries to satisfy the inner child in you.


You’re playful and childish, but also really interested in the way you look in your short sleep dress. It’s not hard to see you acting childish around your man in this sleepwear, but then quickly transforming into a very mature woman focused of her sexual needs once the babydoll goes down.


Sexy lingerie is a turn on for the majority of men; no man will be put off by the sight of black and red lace, thongs. When you put them on, you feel like you have gained a little more power. It feels good to know you look desirable in this sleepwear. But, if you’re sleeping alone, why would you be wearing it? Do you truly feel that comfortable in them?

Examine other motives for choosing this kind of sleepwear, like autoeroticism (you getting turned on yourself by the thought of you looking sexy). There is nothing wrong with this phenomenon.

White Undies

You see yourself as clean, simple and straight forward. You feel comfortable in them, even enough to relax around the house dressed only in them and a T-shirt. Presence of a man changes nothing – you wear them because you like to do it, and if he doesn’t like them, it’s his problem.


You don’t believe it’s always necessary to look sexy or womanly in the traditional sense. You like pajamas because you have been wearing them since childhood.

Explore, get those red thongs you never could imagine wearing and put them on underneath that good old comfortable pajamas. After that, give your boyfriend an unexpected wardrobe surprise once you two snuggle into bed.


You like new things. That why you like your bodysuits – they are interesting, practical. By wearing them, you get a quirky combination of leisure and unorthodox sexiness.

Birthday Suit

Sleeping in the nude sends a clear signal. You are hoping to get a little less sleep and a lot more action! Few people sleep in the nude when alone. So by slipping between the covers with your partner with nothing on, you are saying that you would like a little skin on skin contact.