Why You Should Stretch After Exercise

Why Stretch?

First of all, it feels good. When done properly, stretching the most activity-based injury prone body parts will not only decrease the risk of hurting yourself, but make you feel quite pleasant as you’re stretching it out, nice and easy.

Stretching helps improve flexibility.

Better the flexibility, better the performance in the physical activity of your choice and, the risk of injury decreases due to the fact that the joints are well oiled.

Flexibility also improves the muscle balance around a joint, which does wonders for our posture and overall look and feel.

You may also feel a decrease in the annoying muscle soreness after training, as stretching increases the blood and nutrient supply to both muscles and cartilage.

Stretching 101 – Doing It Right

During an exercise routine, our muscles tighten and shorten. Stretching them out after a workout is a true treat for our tired muscles, as it helps restore and lengthen them.

Another fab thing about stretching is that it can be done virtually anywhere, does not require any special equipment and contrary to common belief, does not take up too much time at all.

You can do super swift static stretching session in about five minutes. It involves stretching a body part to your personal stretch-out limit and holding this position for 30 seconds or more. While in this position, a slight painless pulling should occur, without any rapid movements or bouncing.

Physician Consultation is a Must

You absolutely should not stretch under these circumstances:

  • Following muscle strains or ligament sprains
  • When joints or muscles are infected, inflamed or hurt
  • Following a recent bone fracture
  • If you feel sharp pains in your joints or muscles.

Please check with your physician before beginning any exercise program, including a stretching routine.

If all systems are a go, this should be a good place to start.

And Now for the Bonus…

Imagine this scene: you’ve completed another fantastic workout, feeling great about yourself, knowing that you have done your body and soul some good.

You pick a nice spot to do your stretching. That guy you’ve been making eye contact and exchanging flirty smiles with for a while is in your vicinity.

The slow, sensual aspect of stretching, coupled with the pleasure-filled expression on your face…well, let’s just say that it may score you a date.

Maybe even a stretching partner.